Roy will apply a structured, step by step personal lesson plan from beginner's stage to pre-test level. 


The lessons are structured as follows:


This lesson structure is used by all ADI Driving Schools and  is an approved method by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).


As and from 25/10/2013 Motor Tax Offices will stop accepting new applications for Driving Licences and Learner Permits however, they will be responsible for processing all applications they have received, by that date. 

The Motor Tax Offices will not be open to the public after 25/10/2013 but they will clear any existing backlogs.

From 29/10/2013 the new National Driving Licence Service (NDLS) offices will be open for business at various locations around the country and a

ll licences, permits, renewals and category changes etc. will be processed at these offices only.

Please go to www.ndls.ie for further information on the new licence service.


Before any lessons can commence, you must have a Driver's Learning Permit/Provisional Driving Licence. 

To obtain this permit, you must complete a Theory Test. For further information, please contact The Driver's Theory Test Registration Centre., PO Box 144, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Telephone Number : 1890 606106. Website :  www.theorytest.ie Alternatively, you can purchase The Theory Test Book and Cd, (4th Addition recommended) at any newsagent or book shop.

You will need to purchase a 'Rules of the Road' manual. These are in stock at most book shops. Alternatively, you can visit  www.rulesoftheroad.ie to download the manual and acquire all relevant information.

On successful completion of the Theory Test you will receive a receipt which will enable you to apply for the Learner's Driving Permit. Please note that you cannot start tuition until you have acquired your Permit. Learner's Permit Application Forms are available at local Garda stations. Alternatively, please contact us and we will arrange to deliver it to you at a convenient timeOnce processed, you should receive your Learner's Permit within 10 working days.

Please note that if your Learner's Permit/Provisional Driving Licence has expired for five years or more, you will need to reapply for the Theory Test. If your Leaner's Permit/Provisional Driving Licence has expired within this time, you can reapply for a new Permit. Please telephone the Tax and Licencing Office at 01 2228255 for further details.


Your driving lessons with Roy will be professionally structured to suit your individual needs and level of confidence. Any driving experience you may already have is taken into account.


Since 4th April, 2011 the Essential Driver Training (EDT) course has been in operation. You can download an RSAEDT information book from www.rsa.ie.

EDT is an official mandatory Training Course designed to teach fundamental driving skills and will be incorporated into your Personal Lesson Plan. There are 12 essential EDT lessons throughout the course. They are titled as follows:

  • 01.   Car controls and safety checks
  • 02.   Correct positioning
  • 03.   Changing direction
  • 04.   Progression management
  • 05.   Correct positioning
  • 06.   Anticipation and reaction
  • 07.   Sharing the road
  • 08.   Driving safely through traffic
  • 09.   Changing direction (more complex situations)      
  • 10.    Speed management
  • 11.    Driving calmly
  • 12.    Night driving
Please note that EDT Lessons are incorporated into a Personal Lesson Plan and further tuition may be required to reach completion of some EDT Lessons and Driving Test Standard.

The EDT Logbook is used as an official record of ongoing progress throughout your Lesson Plan. It will be updated, stamped and signed by Roy according to your successful completion of each stage of the EDT course. You will not be permitted to apply for a driving test without a fully processed Logbook. The EDT Logbook will be supplied to you at the beginning of your first driving lesson.

Throughout your Lesson Plan, each lesson has particular objectives. To prepare for each lesson Roy will supply all necessary instruction for practice and theory purposes according to your ability and progression. Also, for the preparation of each EDT lesson the study of the EDT Course Syllabus is essential and will be supplied by Roy at the beginning of your Personal Lesson Plan.

For practice between lessons, it is advisable to be supervised by a Sponser, who as a fully licenced and experienced driver can monitor your progression according to your Instruction and your EDT logbook. 

EDT is not required if your first learner permit was issued before 4th April, 2011. However, if your learner permit has been expired for more than five years, you will be required to complete the EDT course.

For further information regarding the EDT course please go to www.rsa.ie or feel free to contact us with any queries you may have.


You may wish to take a refresher driving course to improve your skills and prepare for a driving test. 

Roy will guide you from whatever stage of driving you may be, to test standard. 

When your driving skills have reached full potential, you can apply for a driving test. Roy will provide you with a Driving Test Application Form or you can obtain one from your local Garda Station. You can also apply online at www.drivingtest.ie

If your Learner's Permit/Driving Licence has expired for more than five years, you will be required to complete the EDT Course.


The Department of the Environment supplies you with the details of your approaching test (ie. date and venue and test conditions). You will generally have four to six weeks notice to prepare for your test.

Your driving skills must be at a competent, pretest level and approved by Roy Giffin in order to hire the Atlas Driving School car for your test

During the course of your lesson plan, you will have been provided with all the following information in detail and will have gained full training to be a safe and competent driver.


  • Your driving ability must be at a competent level for test standard.
  • You must have completed an EDT course. (from 4th April, 2011).
  • You must supply a fully processed, stamped and signed EDT logbook.
  • You must have complete knowledge of  'The Rules of the Road'.
  • Always arrive at the test centre approx 15 minutes before your test.
  • All relevant documentation must be presented on arrival.
  • L Plates are essential and must be clearly displayed on you car.
  • Your car must clearly display valid Tax and Insurance Discs.
  • Your car must clearly display a valid NCT Disc, (if applicable).
  • Your car should be clean and must be in good road worthy condition.
  • Your tyres should be up to legal standard requirements.

If your car is over four years old it will need NCT Test Approval. Please telephone: 1890 200670 or log onto www.ncts.ie for further details. 

The Lesson Plan provides you with every possible chance of passing your test and becoming a safe and confident driver for the future.


Since May, 2013 a 'Driving Test Feedback Form' will be issued to the learner driver to mark the driving test instead of the 'Driving Test Grade' system. The written marking process has been replaced by a computer tablet marking method.


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